Why Hightech Sales Coach

IT Experience

Hightech Sales Coach is specialized 100% in the IT industry and has successfully completed a number of sales lead generation projects involving virtualization, servers, storage, print devices, and security related solutions for industry leaders including Hitachi Data Systems, Microsoft, VMware, EMC, HP, NetApp, IBM, McAfee, Websense and their respective reseller partners since 2006. Our focus and expertise involving the above selected solution areas gives us the confidence to guarantee the number of qualified new business opportunities for you.

Results, and Reporting

We also understand the importance of tracking ROI for the funds that you spend on demand creation activities; to this end we monitor each of our leads and the corresponding sales pipeline information for a period of 3 months. This lead monitoring and follow-up ensures a smooth handoff with the sales representatives and maximum ROI. We provide the ROI reporting that you need to manage for success. Our customers continue to repeatedly use our services based on the results that they are getting.


With most of today’s news centered on difficult economic times, HSC can help you increase revenues by adding new accounts and increasing your penetration within your existing customer base.

The key to any successful lead generation campaign is proper follow-up. To this end, we track and monitor the leads for a 3 month period to ensure smooth handoff and the leads are being reconnected.

We at Hightech Sales Coach find that many qualified sales leads were lost due to a lack of follow-up, or were simply not reconnected. We also understand the need to provide ROI results for the marketing funds being spent on demand creation activities.

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